Why Your Child Needs a Math Tutor

Life is getting vast and fast day by day. In order to keep up with the swift paced life we need to boost up certain things and activities. Due to the busy routine of our daily lives the studies of children get adversely affected. The increased burden of studies has pushed the children away from the focus and concentration upon all the subjects they are studying. All the parents want their children to prosper in their studies. Some children are great at getting motivation from the competitive environment at the school or in their class, while others need a gentle push to keep them on the hardworking track. And when it come to math skills, there is no point in delaying that extra help they need. Math, unlike others, is a technical subject which does not only need reading but also analysing and a comprehensive thought process. If your child is not excelling in math in his class, he may need individual attention. This is where tutoring comes in.

6710264_origAn individual tutor not only pays all of his attention upon one child but also understands the child’s weaker areas.  Growing children love to learn new math topics like counting, time telling, money and general calculation and take interest in those. Where your child is losing interest in math it is an indication that he needs some help in his subject. If you see the slipping grades on his report card in math, you need to talk to his teacher about the issues which your child is going through. It is possible that he is not getting the appropriate attention from the class teacher which he needs to cover up the gap in understanding certain topics and is losing interest in that subject especially maths which has interdependent topics to grasp them all. Each new topic and new course is based upon the previous topic. Once a particular lesson is missed or your child fails to understand it, it becomes tough for him to proceed and excel further. All those issues can be easily sorted out when they are identified by a special tutor of your child. A math tutor not only specialises in his subject but also helps identify those areas of math in which your child is weak and needs special attention.


When you witness a serious decline in your child’s math grades its high time that you hire a math tutor. Once you have decided to hire the tutor, be careful about your choice of the tutor. You need someone who is well trained in math, masters his subject, has good assessment skills and has good repute. You must look for a tutor who can teach according to the mental level of your child. If his teaching level is too high and too technical he may make your child even more reluctant to math. The tutor should try to make math an interesting subject for your child rather than making it even more difficult for him.


A tutor must be in touch with the class teacher of your child so that he discusses the class curriculum, teaching methodology and the learning gaps that child experiences. It is therefore important for you to communicate to the tutor your expectations and the learning needs and habits of your child. The tutor becomes a support for both the parents and the school teacher from the child’s learning perspective. If you are looking the best tutors of maths in or around Sydney, The Learning Lab are best at providing quality tutoring to your child. Just send an email to deewhy@thelearninglab.com.au or call in at 02 9981 2677